Monday, May 30, 2005


Cricketers are a pretty eccentric bunch at the best of times. Take cricket to Sweden, and the eccentricity quotient increases exponentially. I was lucky enough to play on the only permanent cricket pitch in Sweden at the weekend, against Guttsta Wicked CC.

The great thing about Guttsta, apart from the fact that they love cricket - and I mean these lads really love cricket, to a quite unhealthy extent (there can't be many English cricket fans who can hold forth about Warwickshire v Glamorgan in the 2nd XI championship) - is their commitment to spreading the game among Swedes. I was expecting to play a team full of expats, but no - club rules say half the side has to be Swedish.

Apparently they have real problems with the official Swedish cricket board, which is run by expat Indians and Pakistanis who aren't really interested in spreading the game to Sweden at large. If they want to play with their mates, that's fair enough, but I think the ICC should be doing more to help sides like Guttsta, who are trying to promote the game beyond the communities that already play it.


At 2:46 pm, Blogger Artegall said...

The ICC should do an awful lot, shooting themselves top of the list. Has there ever been a more ineffective body that wasn't a cadaver? The list of fuck-ups is endless. Bullying England into touring Zimbabwe. Making countries play Tests against Bangladesh. Corrupt, Mugabe-fawning, Murdoch-frotting twats, the lot of them. They maintain a level of unscrupulousness that would give Beelzebub a hard-on, and somehow they keep getting away with it. It's a bigger mystery than Murali's doosra.

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